Chasing a Butterfly

My love story with photography is like my relationship with reading. It will always be there, forever, period. Sometimes though like any other love stories, a pause may be needed and that my dear friends, was exactly what happened thus the absence of a third entry on this blog for a long time. And of course the fact that maintaining a blog is not an easy task added up to it. Hehe. Nonetheless, here I am again working on it and hoping that this time, my love story with my camera will not meet another cool-off stage which will result to lesser stories.

So let’s start with the photos that I got last January. I got a pre-loved Ultrasonic zoom lens from a former boss and a great friend and I thought that maybe it’s about time to try it on wildlife. Apparently though, I ended up shooting butterflies and dragonflies, yeah I’m a woman and I have a natural penchant for these beautiful creatures.

Reviewing the images, I got a little carried away and became a little poetic, so please bear with me if I insert a bit of metaphors here and there…

Sometimes, the ordinary looks stunning if you just take time to look closely…IMG_2239 (2)Like these dragonflies with their colors camouflaging the sorroundingsIMG_2383 (2)

IMG_2461 But I’ve loved chasing butterflies more.

It is learning to appreciate beauty from afar…

IMG_2312You can come close…IMG_2270 (3)closer…IMG_2278 (2)to see and look at it deeplyIMG_2287 (2)appreciate its every moveIMG_2295 (2)and be stunned by how it illuminates against the sun and how the flower glitters when it kissed it for the nth time, and yet that’s the closest you can getIMG_2303 (2)because, the closer you go, the farther it flies away from you…IMG_2300 (2)It’s funny how a black and white photo can deliver a deeper message than a coloured one, don’t you agree?


6 thoughts on “Chasing a Butterfly

  1. beautiful work, I do like b&w for it’s agelessness and how it brings out shape and form, but for me I like to see the reality of nature, the colour green, because it brings me closer to that place, to being there, now, the b&w I feel loses this

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