Of Dusk and Dawn

A friend once asked me why I love sunsets and sunrises as themes of my photographs and my answer was, “What is there not to love? The lighting is always perfect during these times that you can never really go wrong.” And then just recently, I realized that what I love most about sunsets is the promise that no matter how bad the day that passed, there is still beauty that waits after. And what more about sunrise? Sunrise always assures a new beginning, a hope, a chance to start, to continue and to change. So in the 24 hours that the earth revolves in its axis to complete a day, we are reminded twice of life’s optimism and I hope we don’t forget that.

The following photos are a selection of some of my favourite dusk and dawn shots taken in various places. The appeal of these two is mostly appreciated on the beach or by the bay but some city shots are worth taking as well.

Manila Bay’s Sunset



NAIA, Terminal 3


View from the Plane


Burot Beach, Calatagan, Batangas
IMG_0983_edited-1 IMG_0993_edited-1

Pico de Loro Cove, Batangas

Padre Burgos, Quezon397390_662546543761426_1206881469_nBoracay Island



Tayabas Bay

IMG_2774 IMG_2982

Oftentimes, we are preoccupied of life’s challenges that we forget to appreciate what’s around us. And as the saying goes which I totally agree on, let’s not waste time doing something when there is a sunset or sunrise (for that matter) to appreciate. I promise you guys, a minute or two of pause just to observe will do wonders to your soul.


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