Rural Landscapes

“They paved paradise and put up a parking lot”

Joni Mitchell and the Counting Crows could never stress it enough – people tend to do ridiculous things to nature. Imagine cutting trees and putting them in a tree museum and charge the crowd a fee to see them (no I aint singing haha), funny right? But it’s an ironic truth and that’s why I’m so glad that most towns in my province still boast of natural resources.

My dear hometown, that is the Agricultural City of Tayabas is a landlocked community sorrounded by the towns of Sariaya, Lucena, Lucban, Mauban and Pagbilao with Mount Banahaw and Cristobal of the Sierra Mountain Range as our backdrop. We are also a short drive from Tayabas Bay and the Philippine sea! The forests and farmlands are still in place and not much industrial structures are made so you can already imagine how refreshing our every waking hours are whenever we are in town.

And so here I am sharing with you the scenes that validate our desire to keep our province as intact as possible. These shots were taken by me and my nephew. I did some post processing using Adobe Elements 11.


IMG_1527 HDRIMG_1548 HDRIMG_1543 HDR IMG_1547 HDR_edited-1IMG_1589 HDR 2 IMG_1622 HDR_edited-1

IMG_1747 HDR

IMG_1746 HDRIMG_1518 HDRIMG_1892 IMG_1965IMG_1612 (2)I know I am no Amorsolo but these scenes are worth keeping forever, don’t you agree?


2 thoughts on “Rural Landscapes

  1. Incredible! I’ll never forget Tayabas, been here so many times, with so many riding friends, bringing home many memories. By the way, i just remembered, Tayabas was the name of the whole Quezon province before!

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