Portraits: Ivy Kaye’s Sweet 16

So this is my first ever commissioned work and I must say it was really fun. Portrait photography is something that I should explore more because I’m no expert. I’ve always loved taking candid shots of people because those moments give you the genuine emotions but this girl, whom I have had the opportunity to land my lens on, knew really well how to show her most authentic smile. Well, that’s maybe because she was in bliss during these moments. And who would not be?

She’s at the peak of her teen years and she has all her youth including all the elements there is – great family, friends and a boyfriend? (yes, there’s a question mark there since I’m not sure if she’s allowed to have one already, haha) in front her to enjoy!


This occasion made me nostalgic about the good old days and the kilig (blissful moments because of that young love) that came with them haha! Oh well, I can only smile, we can only smile remembering those days, right?


The first time you ever felt that feeling of wanting to see a person so bad but when you see finally see him/her, you hide


Because you just don’t know – in as much as you want him/her to see you, this person makes your heart beat so fast and then you blush and then you suddenly don’t know how to act


You just stay there hiding and when you thought he/she is gone, fate has it, yeah you suddenly thought fate is playing with you because as you walk, there you are face to face with him/her


He/She smiles at you and you smile back trying to be casual


Why the does the world suddenly slow down?


You wanna stay there forever, just to look on his/her face and stare at them

IMG_9523 (2)

Those dimples of his/her suddenly are too cute, those big eyes too nice and those pimples? Nah, you don’t care about them


You want to start a conversation, try to know more about him/her


It’s just a split second, but you decided to just walk away, because you’re too shy, maybe afraid of rejection? or the fact that he/she may know that you like him/her.

And in class, because you’re seated strategically where you can see the whole of him/her [yeah, fate is your bestfriend ;)], that’s where you stare at him/her and you’re glued, you imagine his/her smile just a while ago.


And then your lips automatically smile, remembering that moment when he/she recognizes you and that’s enough.


A smile was enough. Oh well, since when did it start to become too complicated for us grown ups? haha!

A special shoutout goes to my Kuya Bhong for trusting me and my super neophyte capability in taking photos and to my friend who unexpectedly became my photog partner/apprentice for that day, Jerome. And of course, thanks to the birthday girl Ivy Kaye, your birthday made us feel sixteen again 😉


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