The Trip Crew: Dampalitan Island (Day 1)

Yay! After a year of pause, I am now back to blogging. Sharing with you our most recent trip to the pristine beaches of Quezon most especially the less travelled Dampalitan.

This post is the first of two part-story about our adventure in Dampalitan Island, Quezon. And so, here it goes…

The three white sand beaches sitting on the shores of Pagbilao and Padre Burgos are becoming a popular destination to all beach lovers. More than accessibility (around 3-hour drive from Manila sans traffic), the landscape and crystal clear waters charmed most of the tourists.

Basiao Port

These beaches are aptly called as Kwebang Lampas due to the obvious reason that this beach has a pass through cave in neck-deep sea water:

The beach of Kwebang Lampas. This is how the beach looks like. Was not able to take a photo of the cave though. image taken using ZenFone 2

Borawan from the combined names of Boracay and Palawan – two of the most popular destinations in the country:

Borawan beach. Image taken using ZenFone 2

and Dampalitan, a stretch of white sand island adorned with Agoho trees (the trees with close semblance to pine trees) which is 10-minute boat ride across Borawan:

Dampalitan beach with its white sand and Agoho trees . 

Our crew (we initially called ourselves Isla Trippers, but since we are still deciding if we will embrace this name, hehe, I went ahead and used The Trip Crew  thus the title, hope the crew likes the name ;)) is a group of workmates who were formed just because all of us love to have a getaway. Guess there is really a reason for everything because we are already planning for our next trip!

Okay, so let’s get back to this trip first. When I was told that we were going to these 3 beaches, I suddenly got excited. I came from Tayabas and these places are practically just 30-minute drive (traffic permitting) from home. I had been to Borawan in 2013 and I have been meaning to explore Kwebang Lampas and the not so touristy Dampalitan and this is the chance.

(l-r: Len, Jen, Lenin, Russel, Jenny, our bangkero, Ronward, She, Rose, Gents and well me, Im the one taking photos)

For this trip it was She and her boyfriend Ronward who planned the itinerary and kudos to these two, we had a smooth sailing trip (literally!).  We were originally planning to camp at Borawan since our contact suggested so but we thought better off it since there’s not much shade and the shore is too short especially at high tide. Gents and I are suckers for good sunset and sunrise and after researching on which beach/island offers the best scenes of these two, we picked Dampalitan and we were never wrong.

Ok, that’s me on the right most 🙂

We left Basiao Port (the nearest take off port to these 3 beaches) at 10:00am. After our short trip at Kwebang Lampas, where we:

  • were awed by how pristine the water is
  • were surprised with many people camping and swimming
  • had our morning snack


  • found these poor starfish, though they look beautiful, them not being at the sea means fatality
  • explored the renowned cave and got disappointed of the vandalisms on the ceiling (this is really sad because the place is super nice but some people thought that marking the place with their names would somehow make it better, I don’t know where they get this logic though )
  • nearly drowned thanks to Len’s slippers, it decided to swim on its own and poor Len panicked and poorer Gents and me we happened to be with her when that happened hahaha!
The crew in Kwebang Lampas. Something’s wrong with the lens, ugh! Sorry.

We then headed to our next destination, Borawan. The place is more organized and cleaner but more people still. It is still very beautiful but I noticed that there were more tents and nipa huts now and the entrance fee is more expensive (2013 rate was 75 not it’s 150 for day tour). We were supposed to stay there for lunch but our bangkero could not wait too long and so after a few selfies, we decided to just proceed to Dampalitan (plus it will save us some molah too! Haha).

Able to take some shots of a returning boat to Borawan. Busy day for the locals but a good thing for the tourism industry of Pagbilao and Padre Burgos.

And so on to the island less travelled, we were greeted by its charming shore. There were few tents camped already but not as crowded as the first two beaches we’ve been. The pine trees and other plants on the beach provide ample shade lessening the humidity caused by the scorching heat of summer.


After having our lunch and some chat, we set up our tents.IMG_8728

One of the things that I love in a place is to have something to explore in it and Dampalitan did not disappoint. There’s a long stretch of rock and sand bar that comes out during low tide and we did not let the chance go. Even if it would mean wicked tan lines, we still went ahead and explored it. And the result? Well, let these photos do the talking:IMG_8738IMG_8741IMG_8744 (2)IMG_8984

With a view as nice as this, you can’t say no to some vanity shots. IMG_8930IMG_8755IMG_8762IMG_8764IMG_8875 (2)IMG_8912

And some fun group shots!IMG_8929IMG_8950IMG_8943IMG_8965

Magazine-worthy shots 🙂IMG_8973IMG_8976

I think I haven’t mentioned yet, while we girls were busy taking the above photos, our boys were busy cooking our dinner. Spoiled girls are definitely us!IMG_8732

Thanks guys!

Sunset’s coming and we couldn’t let the chance go so….
more photos!!!

We made sure, the starfish survived this shot, it didn’t leave the ocean for ten seconds.



Im always enchanted by the beauty of sunset. I think most of you can relate 🙂IMG_9049

When there’s sunset, there’s a series of shadow shoot!

and so the song goes, “we’re cool for the summer…”

IMG_9056 (2)IMG_9060IMG_9061IMG_9078IMG_9091IMG_9099IMG_9101IMG_9106



We capped the night with a bonfire while cooking marshmallows and hotdogs.IMG_9132IMG_9131

Our tired bodies got the hold of us however and at 11:00pm we all snoozed under the stars.

My first try shooting the stars.
Need to practice more…

Check Day 2 story here Dampalitan Adventures Part 2 🙂



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